We tried everything and people kept telling me that I sounded muffled and they couldn’t hear me

We tried everything and people kept telling me that I sounded muffled and they couldn't hear me 1

If you can hear the sound clearly, it means that the microphone is working properly outside of calls. We know it blows, but sometimes only a factory reset can fix the issue. Thomas corvin everyone I talk to has a hard time hearing me as if the sound is muffled or blurred mt phone done it since day one, may return it and get a iphone if Samsung don’t figure it out soon I also havea s5 from us cellular. My friends and family advised me that they couldn’t hear me well when i put them on speaker. We shall see if its fixed. People tell me on Hangouts they can’t hear a word that I’m saying. We have a handy guide to explain how to make a test call. If the audio quality is poor meaning that your friend can hear you but your voice echoes, sounds muffled, or drops in and out the following tips can help.

We tried everything and people kept telling me that I sounded muffled and they couldn't hear me 2Two week ago, people I would talk to on the phone started complaining about not being able to hear me. Please type your message and try again. When I am talking to someone, I can gear them great, but they keep telling me I sound muffled or robotic. Horrible quality, couldn’t hear hardly anything. He then called me on the HTC One phone, and we found that the issue was exactly the same as before with the microphone not working (as described above). They might interpret it as a sign that the voice is trying to support them. The truth is that we do not know why people hear voices or see visions. Your girlfriend’s idea of seeing someone (a therapist) to talk about it sounds a good idea. Problem: If your iPhone is in silent mode, then you might not be able to hear your ringtones and other notification sounds when people are trying to get in touch with you. Since I use an Apple Watch, turning off Bluetooth isn’t really an option for me. Keep in Touch.

Friends would tell me I was crystal clear, almost as good as my personal Astro A50 set I use on my desktop regularly. Got onto Skype (Where I normally use my A50’s, PC mind you) and proceeded to be told I sounded like I was drowning, muffled, like I was either eating the mic and buzzing, or so far away it was hard to hear me. Could you try reinstalling the latest firmware update on your MixAmp Pro 2013 Edition from www. We’ll see! We are getting people complaining that they can’t hear us (muffled and breaking up), and when we’re talking to each other on our Droids, we might as well forget about it and switch to a land line. I tried to add a comment on motor’s website but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Motorola/Verizon docs – talking about an OTA update, yet they keep yanking it. They tell me that my voice is muffled or sounds very digital and choppy. I tried looking for a noise cancellation option to turn off but couldn’t find one either. We shall see if its fixed.

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I hear clicks and strange sounds that sound like they are underwater. One thing he did tell me from a test he ran was that my ear drums are apparently quite tight and more ‘sucked in’ than they should be. Some noises would bother me and then they suddenly stopped bothering me, but those two have remained constant. When we’re sat in bed at the weekend having a morning cup of coffee I keep an earplug in my closest ear to him under my hair which helps to muffle the sounds and makes my own drinking noises (which don’t bother me)louder to mask his. It drives me absolutely crazy to listen to someone chewing food, and even worse, to listen to them talk while chewing food at the same time. I hate the sound of people eating and talking when I’m trying to sleep I,get so angry and yell people don’t understand I didn’t even know this was a disorder instill I read it on Facebook. I tell them I would rather jump off a building that listen to them chew and they think I am exaggerating. Her Mom told me that while dancing she couldn’t hear the sounds that triggered her. I get so angry I get goose bumps and try to plug my ears, tried to leave the room on time, I have said things to the people, totally isolated myself, I never know if I can keep my mouth shut, and I get criticized and bitched at for being stuck up or rude and I don’t know just how to explain my situation(s) to people. I get so angry I get goose bumps and try to plug my ears, tried to leave the room on time, I have said things to the people, totally isolated myself, I never know if I can keep my mouth shut, and I get criticized and bitched at for being stuck up or rude and I don’t know just how to explain my situation(s) to people. It sounds like you may have oil embedded in the microphone still as it is not really an accessibly piece to clean the inside of. EVERYTHING inside was spotless clean, no fingerprints and oil left visible, I took it to applestore nearby. No one could hear me unless I used the earpiece or the speakerphone (which was creating an echo effect on the other person’s end). Finally, the iPhone we’ve always wanted. This phone has everything that I need. Here are the stories people told me in online participation (week 10) about things in your life this semester that made you think about the Physics of Sound and Music. I couldn’t begin to tell you what frequency most spokes weigh in around, but I can tell when they all sound the same. During marching band practice when we’re outside on the field and I hear the delay of the snare drum. When I was practicing my piano a few weeks ago, I noticed that the sound seemed somewhat muffled.

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Callers report Muffled sound or hard to understand on their end.. w. With another one thinking I may have had a defective unit. Yes, we have issues with call quality when using the phone without bluetooth. I would try a bluetooth headset. The top mic got covered slightly and she couldn’t hear me. I’ve had at least two people tell me they couldn’t understand me. We listened to AM radio together and I grew up knowing that it wasn’t what you heard that mattered, it was who you heard it with. It was a radio play, that’s all it was, or someone trying to screw with the few people who still listen to AM radio, and I suddenly needed to make a sandwich, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, do anything except think about that radio and what I’d heard come from it. Sounds became so muffled and indistinct, she felt like she was living permanently underwater. Over the years, the doctors tried everything they could, but in the end they had to admit was just one of the few, very unlucky people who didn’t respond to treatment. I couldn’t keep up with what people were saying and would be miserable and get quite withdrawn. Of people trying to lead me away from my family, of people leading me home. And I have had figures of people coming to me telling me they’ve come to take me home. Ever since the age of 3 years old my mother and father couldn’t take care of me anymore so unfortunately they had to give me up to department of social services. We were told that if you kept silent you could hear the sounds of the past intruding on the present.

Everything with a high pitch has a mechanical whine that sounds like it’s coming from behind my left shoulder. I go to the doctor to find out what the heck is going wrong with me. So, what’s that mean? Because it sounds the same when the sound is traveling through my bone rather than through the air, that means that there’s nothing wrong with my auditory nerve (whew!) But it sounds different when traveling through the air, so that means that something is selectively amplifying the high frequencies as they travel from the air to my auditory nerve. So keep thinking positive. I can hear myself talk louder and other people or things that make noise I don’t hear them as loud as I did when I wasn’t sick. I don’t answer they keep calling so I decide to answer. She said there was a couple people chosen to receive free grant money and I was one of them. We could hear the woman hand the phone to the supervisor with a muffled sound. She didn’t tell me her manager’s name and I wondered why she couldn’t transferred me. What does his chart say, can anyone tell me why we’re not seeing a physiological response? Come on, anyone? Correct, the patient spent several minutes unconscious under water. I can hear sound of her footsteps and know she’s strong enough to make it without me. They were all muffled at first, like background noise in a mall, you know it’s there but you just filter it out. I looked around but couldn’t see anyone in the yard with me. Well for those who suffer from sleep paralysis, I have to tell that this is a kind of demon comes to the person in hisher sleep. I could see my bf trying to open his mouth and hear muffled strained and pathetic attempts at him trying to call out. I’ve had them where people were walking around me and I couldn’t move, like my home was being invaded. If you cant say the word you say it in your heart, keep say it they will go.