44 pistol without ear protection and I had major ringing for months

44 pistol without ear protection and I had major ringing for months 1

I shot a few rounds from a.44 pistol without ear protection and I had major ringing for months. If Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry shot real loads through that pistol of his I don’t think he’d hear anything anymore!. I was shooting a.44 Ruger magnum, pretty much this gun only it isn’t a Smith & Wesson: The big ol’ Dirty Harry gun. And well, I wanted to hear the blast as I shot the gun without ear protection (because I am pretty stupid sometime. But now, the ringing has subsided and it just feels and sounds muffled right now. 2 Posted by DrTrafalgarLaw (4487 posts) – 3 years, 7 months ago. Main boards. When you fire a.357 w/o hearing protection, your ears will ring like you’re Quasimodo. This is why I prefer heavy, slow, old cartridges for any gun I might light off without ear protection.45 ACP,.44 Special,.45 Colt, etc. I often shot without hearing protection as a callow youth. Your position relative to the muzzle is definitely the most important factor.

44 pistol without ear protection and I had major ringing for months 2Posted – 02/28/2011: 12:28:09 PM unfortunately, if you have ringing, you damaged your hearing, period. Trust me i know it was stupid and i of course will never do it again, but i would say most of us have fired a gun in an open area without ear protection. i will not do this again though. During deer season many moons ago I shot a deer with a ported.44 mag revolver. It took several minutes untill I could hear agin and over a month before my hearing got back to normal. My ears were ringing and I was completely stunned for a few seconds. Finally, if you don’t wise up and protect your ears, it will never go away. After a month or so, re-evaluate your tinnitus and see whether it has gone away.

Now multiply that millions of times for each of the pistol, rifle, shotgun, AK-47, and innumerable other deafening rounds he’s been exposed to over the past 50 years, and it’s a wonder David Petzal can hear anything at all. By 1956, he was shooting.22s in competition; in 1960, he bought his first.44 magnum revolver. Your ears would ring and you’d go deaf temporarily, but nobody paid much attention. If you’re out there without protection, it may only take a couple of days. My ears rang and had a sense of pressure and muffled hearing like coming back from a rock concert all day and the next morning. Using the gun as an example: If you were shot, the damage occurs when the bullet hits you. I have seen full-recovery MONTHS after an incident. Again, I used no hearing protection for the 6 shots I fired — figuring it was only a few shots. Consider hearing protection during a home-defense indoor shooting scenario, such as electronic ear-muffs.44 Spl, 156 dB. I had a strange conversation with my wife a few months ago. I have had the occasion to shoot a handgun indoors without ear protection (accidental discharge). I too have ringing in ears from shooting too much without hear protection and high noise frequencies from work.

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I discharged my 223 and must not have had a good weld on my left ear because there was a slight ringing after the shot that didn’t last long. I know communication is obviously important in combat as well, so a soldier has to be able to hear.44 Spl 155.9 dB. Ill admit I’ve shot a few times without ear pro and have payed the price with my ears ringing for the last three years. Does anyone else have ringing that just doesnt go away? My ears started ringing about 6 months ago. Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago i was at a local gun show and all of the sudden i felt severely dizzy, i had to hold on to my father to lead me to a seat. Earplugs are just as important as eye protection. I normally shoot with ear plugs so I never really think about how many db’s my handgun is but the other day I was just going out back to shoot 5 round through my 45acp for a mag test and figured what the heck, I won’t need my ear plugs. Many Novice shooters only shoot with hearing protection and have no clue just how loud their handgun really is. I have shot 357Mag, 7.62x25mm Tok and 44Mag without ear protection(not much, just enough to know what it’d be like) and they’re all really loud. After a few months of this i became accustomed to it and had zero ringing afterwards. Evan Aidman has established a national network of personal injury attorneys who are ready, willing and able to help you, regardless of the injury. 25db, after 6 months now 15db) with permanent tinnitus (ringing in the ears). He has been to 2 ear specialists who confirmed that his hearing loss is due to using the nail gun without wearing ear protection. I religiously wear hearing protection and didn’t realize I had that much of a problem. In fact, these were a major factor (and other Artillery weapons), plus indoor range shooting. Fellas think about it next time you are tempted to pull that trigger without hearing protection, just imagine shooting something like a 44 magnum pistol without protection then imagine that ringing multiplied at least two-fold and NEVER going away! It happened to me and it has happened to thousands of others, please DON’T let it happen to you!. I probably shoot about 200-300 rounds a month on average. Well I tried out the Surefire in-ear plugs today (first time) with the triple baffles and thought they were seated well. We fired a total of 100.223s and 40 9mm, so it was by no means a free for all shoot. Now, my right ear has been ringing since we finished at 3 p.m. While most people who go to concerts rarely put a lot of concern into things which happen in the distant future, the effects can sometimes be observed within only a few months of beginning to go to concerts. 01-06-2013, 10:44 AM.

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My right ear was facing the speakers and it is ringing more than my left ear. Seriously, one concert is probably no big deal if yer young, but long term repetition will permanently hurt your ability to hear higher frequency sounds. I’ve been to many concerts where I had ringing in my ears and couldn’t hear well for the next day or two. I wear ear plugs now to all the shows I go to, jazz, rockabilly, first row or last. I don’t think I would handgun hunt without protection, even for one shot. I have a vision of Clint Eastwood walking down main street at high noon, squinting, flicking back his jacket to expose his gun butt, then yelling: Wait! Don’t draw yet! I have to put on my hearing protectors!. Well, I fired countless thousands of rounds from rifles, handguns, and shotguns with absolutely no hearing protection back in my younger days, and my ears don’t ring, and I can still hear. I added a hunting wheelgun last month that will cause serious hearing damage after a single shot. So now I wonder, is there a major difference in what they would sound like? In the following months, my tinnitus gradually became a non-issue for me. When I first realised I had ringing in my ear, I was so focused on it I could hear it over everything. Yes I shot guns had husband die and life sucks but stress caused.

Noise induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational illnesses in the United States. Skip to main content. As a result, people have traditionally not appreciated the serious impact of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) on their daily living until they’re frustrated by a permanent communication problem or ongoing ringing in their ears. As a result, people have traditionally not appreciated the serious impact of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) on their daily living until they’re frustrated by a permanent communication problem or ongoing ringing in their ears. Reusable plugs can be worn safely for months, depending on the type. Imagine the incessant, grating sound of buzzing in your ears — or constant beeping, whistling, dripping, or clicking. Then realize that there are no actual birds or crickets. My ears have been ringing for 4 years to the month. Tinnitus — ringing or other noise in the ears — affects some 50 million Americans, including nearly a million veterans. The problem has no cure and no very effective treatment. In essence, the researchers have discovered the signature of tinnitus at least in the case of one Iowa man who has suffered from tinnitus for years, probably from recreational gun use. I have had tinnitus for 17 months now. Loud ringing: Robert McIndoe, 52, was diagnosed with tinnitus after going to a rock concert. Tinnitus has no cure, and treatments range from relaxation techniques to cope with the associated anxiety, to sound therapy where sufferers are taught to tune out’ the noise. For three months after first visiting that rock concert, he was driven to distraction, unable to sleep or function properly at work. Alex Warn has not been back to see a health professional about his tinnitus for nine years, learning instead to manage his condition using the radio to block out the noise at night, avoiding places with loud background noises such as pubs and parties and wearing ear plugs. It has five sides, five floors above ground, two basement levels, and five ring corridors per floor with a total of 17. In the late 1930s a new War Department Building was constructed at 21st and C Streets in Foggy Bottom but, upon completion, the new building did not solve the department’s space problem and ended up being used by the Department of State. On July 17, 1941, a congressional hearing took place, organized by Virginia congressman Clifton Woodrum, regarding proposals for new War Department buildings. But it’s not to be confused with tinnitus, the chronic condition of damaged eardrums where one s ear(s) constantly ring or hum, (as I understand it). Including, most important of all, during times when I was trying to meditate and raise my vibes in some way, only to be foiled by a sudden onset of ear tones that resulted in all out brain scramble. For awhile there, for me the left ear had a negative correlation, seeming to indicate straight up monitoring, or warning me that something was off about a person or situation, while the right seemed more positive, sometimes seeming to confirm or reaffirm something I was thinking or reading at that exact moment. Ear ringing, right ear, faint, high tone at 12:44 a.m.