My sound is only coming through one headphone (the right) but last night it was working fine

My sound is only coming through one headphone (the right) but last night it was working fine 1

When I tried to use it on my PC one day, it would only play out of the left ear. Are you using your headset’s latest firmware? Hello, I am having a problem with my PC that I built last year. Both headset and headphones work fine plugged into the monitor. How do you fix headphones with sound in only one ear? How do you fix headphones with sound in only one ear? The most common fault on a pair of audio headphones is sound only coming from one ear or side. Step 8: Strip back each wire using the wire strippers. The wiring on your headphones is fine but the plastic headset has broken? If your headphones plastic headset piece that sits on top of your head has broken or cracked, you can fix this by using a simple 5 minute epoxy glue or Sugru self setting rubber to mend the plastic. My headphones only work from the right side.

My sound is only coming through one headphone (the right) but last night it was working fine 2When I plug in my headphones to the front panel audio jack it recognizes my headphones but only plays the sound through the left side earpiece. I have tried to set the playback to be through only the right headphone but this then plays the sound through the left headphone when it’s testing the right one. I have also tested the headphones and they work fine. Have you installed the latest audio (sound) drivers for Windows 7? Solved: Dear all, I can hear sound from one headphone only. Also, the phone has not come in contact with water yet and it hasn’t been dropped either (it’s two weeks old). Last time it worked, was last night when I connected it to my home stereo using a normal stereo minijack. Thanks for this thread fellas, I had the problem with headphones for a few days now, and I just pulled a dirty fluff from the jack..everythings working fine again. I then changed the speaker with a new one, still no luck. The headset worked fine but I could get no sound of my speakers on my iPad 3. I saw this comment and I was experiencing the same thing, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many others were working fine but many apps only had sound through the headphones.

The headphones work properly, the headphone jack doesnt. I have the exact same coming out of Right Headphone socket only. Audio coming out of Right Headphone socket only. The speakers work fine. I have no idea how one ear got set to mute, but it’s fixed now! Incidentally, last night I left the PC on overnight and drained the battery (wouldn’t even turn on this morning without power, which is odd since it auto-shuts down with 10 left). Will use it for my computer, there is something wrong with the cable of my headset I only hear music in one ear. Mixing on ‘cans’ is often frowned upon, but if you know what you’re doing, you can get good results with only occasional checks on your monitor speakers. On the other hand, if you work late at night or have a studio with poor acoustics, or a family that doesn’t appreciate hearing the same two bars looping round, you might have no choice but to work on headphones! What’s more, headphones can expose lots of tiny details in your mixes that you might miss on speakers. If you want to avoid unpleasant one-ear headphone sounds in your mixes, just back off slightly on those extreme pan settings. On headphones, you hear only the left channel in your left ear and the right in your right ear.

Realtek Hd Audio Jack Only Plays Sound Through One Side Of Headphones

But when I unplug the earphone, ipad does not undersatnd that the earphone jack is unplugged. Hello, last night they were working fine. Now nothing. I barely hear it. I’ve also notice it keeps blowing out one of my ear pieces. I can not afford another one right now. Sound is coming from speakers but not hear sound from headphones. I get sound out of the rear jack but I want my earphones to work in the front jack port. Hello, i have problem with my pc headphone, i only hear sound from speaker but the microphone of the headset are working my concern is how i could use speaker and my headset at the same time with out unplug one of them. Using both front and rear panel? Shayna – Latest answer on Oct 8, 2012 03:14PM. All my drivers (SB Live) say they are fine and working. I can get the voice chat audio to come through my speakers correct? Im playing in our bedroom and so the TV is only about 6 feet away and I have a nice pair of bose headphones that have a looong ass cord on them so they will work fine. I can just put the xbox headset around my neck. That way, the mic will be there for me to speak into. I bought these X3 Turtle Beach wireless headphones so I can game at night and not wake up my folks as I spend my free time blasting away on Xbox Live. Playing music through headphones plugged into the 3.5mm jack is very inconsistent to say the least. The song I was listening to stopped, I went to select another song, and the music stopped working through the headphones after having worked just a second before. So after the restart, I put Last FM on, it played fine, but my headphones lost sound after only about an hour (judging from my last post). Is no one else having this problem? Nova has night mode now! My nexus 5 had no sound and I can’t seem to get it to work. Some one please email me if they find a fix.

Headphone Jack Is Only Emitting Right Sound

The audio keeps getting cut from the right headphone. I’m using a Lumia 920 and I’ve never had this problem before 8.1. I’m testing my headphones now, I’ll update if I come across the same issue. Did any one noticed that the microphone is not working properly while on call but on speaker mode it just works fine. Last Post: 04-16-2014, 02:15 PM. I only hear sound on the right side, not on the left. tried different headphones, same problem. I have a Acer Aspire One netbook running Lucid Lynx.Sound quality is fine through my speakers, but when I plug in headphones things go awry. I have studio xps 16 last week, audio jacks stopped working and I couldn’t hear anything neither from headphones nor integrated speakers so as a quick solution, I disassembled the laptop and soldered 3 wires over the jacks to make integrated speakers/mic work Now I can hear sound but of course still can’t plug external speakers, headphones or mics. My speakers were working fine one moment but then stopped working after i used in my headphones. I have Windows Vista Home Premium on my Compaq i went to the sound settings and i did a test on the headphones and i could hear the testing on my right and my left headphone. but those are the only sounds i hear on them. I hear music come out of the speakers but it sounds really bad and i tried to use my headphones but it still sounds bad. Got an HP netbook for christmas, and started using it last night and the sound was working perfectly. Idk what happened, last night it was working fine and now sound only from one side. The headphones work fine when plugged into any other audio.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and it was working absolutely fine without any problem. After trying various solutions, one fix did the trick and the sound started coming from headphones as well as speakers. According to him, first try to play songs using your mobile phone’s speakers and then connect your headphones. And no its not my headphones they work fine on everything else that I use them on. Should I be hearing sound from both headphone speakers or just one when I plug in the headphones because all I can hear is one side of my headphones working, Im just trying to figure out if the headphone out jack is bad on the amp. Thanx for the info I just got this thing last night and havent had much time to figure it out its late here in Kansas City and Im wanting to play threw the headphones as not to wake up half the city. Yesterday it was fine, what happened? Left one of my samsung earphones stopped working. It may sound ridiculous to you but that’s what I believe. I’ve also noticed other people with earbuds only using the right one. This one comes as no surprise but it is the most successful step and is the thing thing you should try. My phone thought it had headphones in which was the only thing wrong, now all working well again!. Everything was working fine except I wasn’t getting sound from my speakers. Everything is right as rain now! I have an iPhone 6 and dropped it in the toilet last night. Often, even powering down and back up one’s iPhone won’t solve the problem. I just ran into this issue today and used compressed air and sprayed it right into the headphone jack and the damn thing worked fine without even rebooting. I am using iphone model 3GS my cell got a probelm that if any calls me i can’t hear through reciever but if i on the speaker i can able to listen from it please let me know what is the problem please and tell me the solution from it. One minute my phone was playing music fine, then the phone stopped recognizing my headphones. I’ve tried cleaning out the headphone jack but that did not work. Just tried my headphones and no issues at all. All the sound continues to come through the speakers. Also, when I tried to charge it last night, it wouldn’t recognize the charger and kept thinking I had it docked instead. Any other ideas, any one? Let me say that I can hear ppl talk slightly out of the right side but louder (more normal) on the left. Hi guys. Just found this site last night, first post for me, dont know a WHOLE lot about computer stuff, but know some basics. Everything works fine except there is no audio coming through the headphone jack or built-in speakers. EDIT: When I plug in a HDMI cable to the laptop, sound comes through my TV. The dvd burner has a headphone jack right on the front of the unit, but it doesn’t work. Like an hour long one. Since this update my headphones have not worked properly with the computer. They work fine with other devices (my phone and a different computer).