It felt terrifying, as I heard sounds of strong lightning in my head

It felt terrifying, as I heard sounds of strong lightning in my head 1

Exploding head syndrome is a rare occurrence that can be frightening. It felt terrifying, as I heard sounds of strong lightning in my head. The sound is terrifying super loud, like someone has broken in, says Raymond, a 38-year-old arts administrator from Seattle. As strange as the name sounds, exploding head syndrome is actually a rare and relatively undocumented sleep phenomenon. I’ve never heard of it occurring regularly. As for the explosions themselves, patients have described them as a shotgun blast, a thunderclap, a loud metallic noise, the clash of cymbals, a lightning strike or the sound of every door in the house slamming. In my sleep I hear a big bang or loud snap sound and bright flash in my eyes sometimes. Although a pretty terrifying event, these events are not physically harmful.

It felt terrifying, as I heard sounds of strong lightning in my head 28:15 p.m. i also heard what sounded like a jet engine hovering above my house. It felt more like the rumbling from a large truck going by, but smoother in tone. I’m very used to the sounds of planes flying over head as I live right next to the airport, but this was much different. I don’t know if this has anything to do w a storm as the wether in England has been hot and humid for the past 4 days and all of a Suddon we had thunder and lightening tonight. Then my face and head would begin to buzz dramatically. Or was it bcz i went to sleep very late(1.00 AM),i saw such scary dreams. I felt their strong presence beside me or in my room and I could hear them breathe even at times if it was real quiet (I held mine to make sure it was not me and it scared the crap out of me). Another theory also claims it’s all in your head, but for a different reason. That phenomenon is believed to be the result of fillings or braces acting as a crude crystal radio, which can pick up AM signals when close to a strong source.

I was dozing when I got the noise in my head (the noise is kind of like a white noise just before dozing of a little deeper) then came the partial sleep paralysis, I had to consciously wake up about 6 times in case the paralysis took hold. I was awakened by the sound of footsteps shuffling around my apartment searching for something. I was so terrified that someone had broken into my place because I clearly heard them shuffling around and walking and i heard footsteps. Reality started to phase out, I felt paralysed, like I couldnt even muster a thought to move, let alone actually move. Lightning strike as well. Yeah, it’s a lot worse than I expected, and the sound is terrifying. Have heard my 1 year old daughter cough and choke before. Sometimes when I’m almost asleep but forcing my brain awake, I start hearing static and rumbling, and it feels like my limbs are slipping out of their mortal form. At full volume, the sound of the strike is so loud that it could damage speakers or affect hearing if headphones are used. On the afternoon of January 25, 2016, the drought, which has been affecting Mutare and Eastern Zimbabwe for several weeks, broke in spectacular fashion with a violent thunderstorm, torrential rain and very strong winds. At 16:46 local time, there was a single extremely loud and very close lightning strike on my premises which was captured on video by a Panasonic Lumix TZ-10 compact camera which I had set up on a tripod on the front verandah overlooking Murambi suburb. The blinding light and deafening whip-crack report from the lightning bolt were so intense that I was unable to hear or see anything for a while after diving to a crouch position. So terrifying.

About Strange Sounds

Along with all that crazy lightning it gets me all pumped with adrenaline watching this. So when I heard people arguing outside my room and when I heard the little girl, I knew it wasn’t real. It’s only a five minute walk home, but it feels longer. The bolt action of an M1 behind my head followed by the touch of the muzzle. Very large strong breaths and very guttural. Thunder and lightning can be scary to pets, too. Visually, lightening does my head in, but it’s the thunder that bothers me the most. Lightning struck his metal mast, and witnesses said that a ball of fire flew out and struck him on the forehead, killing him instantly. STAY AWAY! Joel K kllgg2 a cs com va USA – Thursday, February 08, 2001 at 02:40:27 (PST) When I was a teenager, one afternoon while I was studying in my room, suddenly a storm and heavy rain started pouring down in my Andean city Puno in PERU, then a thunder sounded very strong in my ears. I somehow knew this and instinctively ducked my head downwards as I kept hold of the steering wheel because I felt that the car was going to be hit. After this experience I could hear the smallest sounds inside and outside my house, for months. Some of these times I also felt my legs and arms being sore, as if I had worked out quite a bit, but my routines in my workouts have not changed lately, my diets are the same, and I feel as if everything is still the same as usual. It happens to me every night and its very scary, I am afraid of sleeping alone at night so I sleep with my younger brother. Anyway I was hanging out of my bed and I felt something grab hold of my head and start smashing my head against my computer desk, after that I must of passed out then woke up in the morning in bed with blood all over and cuts on my head. At night we began hearing noises and just recently we have heard crying and moaning. It’s very scary. About 3 weeks ago I got the lightning bolt sensation in my head while I was taking a nap on my mom’s couch. I hear the shocking sound too. The first is I had a strong tingly sensation down my left arm. A bolt of electricity. My head feels like my brain is vibrating, like someone hit a tuning fork inside my brain. The lightning bolts up your neck to your skull are most likely (from what I’ve read/researched) caused by a misalignment or issue with the spinal cord in your neck. It usually doesn’t hurt me either, just feels weird, but sometimes it’s really strong.

Sleep Paralysis

I was staying in my grandparents’ house and had nightly dreams of falling off a cliff. It feels as though you are becoming conscious during your dream and can give an exhilarating sense of being in charge of the dream. Sometimes they notice something odd about the room, like a light switch that doesn& 146;t work properly, a familiar object being the wrong colour, or an eerie kind of lighting or glowing to things. I am suddenly aware that I am partially awake, can hear noises outside, can even try to call out, but cannot move at all. This is a classic lucid nightmare scenario that I have heard about countless times. It often feels like a part of us wants to go down this road. David that sounds like a wake-up call to me! Our Rain Noise is by far the most often played sound on myNoise, attracting thousands of visitors every day! It sounds very even, and works perfectly as a noise blocker but also is used to relieve stress and tension. Also, I live in a very noisy family, so it is bliss to be able to sit and listen to this while doing my work. Feels real enough to look out of the window to check the weather:) This is beautiful when combined with the bagpipes. Most people report very brief sounds while experiencing these hallucinations. My head felt cloudy & disoriented, & my body was stiff yet violently trembling from fear. I think it was a hallucination caused by the fever, but it was quite scary at the time.

I heard several other electronics beeping throughout the house. Again, it was probably an electrical field affecting my head, but it felt surreal. The TVs throughout the house all continued to glow for several more minutes and I smelled strong ozone. I commonly hear that the eye doctor is the first one to make the diagnosis – because when they look in your eyes, they can sometimes see signs of increased intracranial pressure. I would get what felt like lightening striking my head at various times. so painful one time it literally felt like i had stopped breathing. Squish, squish sounds in my head when I turn it any which way or walk heavy,if I walk heavy or the car goes over a bump. Kimberly Wookey of Terrace, British Columbia heard scary sounds coming from the sky and so did other residents–but none can explain the mystery noise. So, I just dismissed it from my head and thought that’s what it was.’. It’s a very quiet and private spot far from houses and street-lighting. I felt my hair blow upwards as I watched the spectre of Death rise upward with the wind and disappear into the tall trees. I started to hear the sound of a low heart-beat, and then a strong wind rushed down between our two buildings. When my head came out of the water, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was terrified! The story of what it felt like trying to descend into a storm over Srinagar, India. I’d absorbed only fragments of the pilot’s announcement as my head was buried in a book. Meanwhile, their mom sat next to us terrified, occasionally glancing at us as if to say, Are we going to make it?. The sound we heard: absolutely nothing like this. Keep traveling strong! This time, it felt as if my legs were huge and the rest of my body very small. I have noticed that I get quite hot, develop damp skin, and recently have felt a pressure in the top of my head, as though something is trying to burst out. Now i have some really scary experiences. i feel like im going out of my body and very strong energy on the surface of my skin in addition to a great fear panic that comes yesterday i was walking outside and saw a very beautiful view. It’s always on the right side of my head, near the top but will occasionally be at the back of my head too. They told me that it sounds like my sinuses and I was given a nasal spray for this. I had a wisdom tooth out which they have only just admitted has caused nerve damage in my face, I feel terrified by the pain I have as my mum died at 54 of a massive stroke. 3 weeks ago I felt a lighting bolt go thru my head from the base of my skull to the top and now I have had a severe throbbing pain behind the right ear area, it started along the jaw and teeth, I went to the dentist, they did a root canal, but that did not fix the problem, went to the Chiropractor, still no relief. It can be quite loud, ranging from simple sounds to long speeches, and can occur many times during sleep. Another symptom can include cataplexy, the sudden collapse of an individual into REM sleep upon experiencing strong emotions.