Her head lifts high, hearing the sound of footsteps approaching

Her head lifts high, hearing the sound of footsteps approaching. One of those restless nights in camp, hearing every stitch and scuttle in the nearby woods, thinking of the brown bear tracks and fresh heaps of scat on the beach 50 feet away. The deeply shaded forest is robed in moss, with a sparse undergrowth of head-high blueberry, huckleberry, and menziesia shrubs. Now.. rather than staying close, Keta sidles off and lifts her nose as if there’s a faint musk drifting in the breeze. Taking her cue, I pause and watch ahead, then move when a sigh of wind in the trees covers the sound of our footsteps. He did it in another house and it sounds like it would work out great. Hi, Alec says.

Her head lifts high, hearing the sound of footsteps approaching 2He lifted his fingers to trace their flow as a vivid scene invaded his mind. His father approached from behind, patting him on the head proudly before stepping to his wife. His mother continued, now screeching in that high pitch continuously, throwing the door open and yelling after the fleeing man, not giving a damn what the neighbors would think. Instead, her footsteps moved quickly past the door and into the master bedroom. Kerry agreed, lifting the covers and revealing some very intriguing dishes involving eggs, fruit, native spices, and seafood. Dar cocked her head as she heard footsteps approaching. I was awakened by the sound of footsteps shuffling around my apartment searching for something. A distinct Womwomwom noise like a nearby powerplant or generator, and a dense buzzing and vibration in the air that not only petrified me into paralysis, but also shook my window blinds violently like a tornado was approaching. It lifted me high above my bed, it pulled me, pushed me, then finally. it was humping me! Meanwhile i was hearing the girls voice in my head like she was trapped in another realm saying Y-Y-Y-OU! I’D GET YOU!! I was so scared and helpless fighting myself out of the situation seemed useless.

Paranormal activities include shadowy figures, apparitional footsteps, disembodied voices, feeling of being watched by Aboriginal specters and a general feeling of unease. The original furnace is still in use and the sound of her head banging on the floor down three flights of stairs can be heard by patrons at night. This area has now been converted into high luxury suites. She is thought to be a spectre who once haunted one room (after dying of natural causes) but that room was demolished to make room for more elevators leaving her missing in this hotel. Lisha lifts her head for just a moment, then slumps once more against the desk, staring into the wood grain. Then a high-pitched cry reaches my ears:. He lifted a feathered hoof and slammed it into the stable door. Image stuck her head out the little hole on her stall door upon hearing footsteps. She tossed her head lightly and bounced as the woman approached her stall with a lead.


Her head lifts high, hearing the sound of footsteps approaching 3Alice – Alice High School – little theater – is said to be haunted by a man who died while building the theater. Theater students claim to hear strange noises, some sights of the ghost mainly in the catwalk, and up stairs costume room. It is said that there is a headless woman that walks the creek bed with her head in one arm looking for her baby. The top floor has been converted to storage due to unexplainable events like hearing a piano, elevator doors closing and opening, and the sound of footsteps. But when she finally pushes one Middleton High student too far the student decides that he needs to take matters in to his own hands to fix Bonnie’s attitude. Bonnie opened her eyes but then quickly shut them again to try to keep out the harsh light that was assaulting her vision. After a moment or two she slowly opened them again and was able to keep them open this time as she began to lift her head up. In fact Bonnie had been waiting for her date and hearing what sounded like footsteps approaching from behind her she had just crushed out her cigarette when she felt a pair of hands wrap around her body. The same dim light hanging over her head. Reaching down she lifts Allison’s right wrist up into the air before snatching the bracelet off her wrist. Hearing a sound coming from above he takes his eyes off the advancing forces below to look up into the sky. THREAT LEVEL: HIGH. Hearing approaching footsteps coming from behind him Derek turns head around and looks up. Posts about Footsteps written by lacienegasmiles. One night I noticed I kept hearing weird noises in my hallway. Like stomping, I guess, but not loud. Well this night chris woke up with a pillow being held on his head. He got it off of his head and yells What the F in a terrified voice which wakes up his girlfriend who does one of those screams where you dont know whats going on but your freaked out scream. Then I heard the sound of the small door to the play house creak open, and slam shut. Loudly. Aiea – Aiea High School – This school is built over an ancient burial ground and there have been reports of strange figures in the R building area and strange noises have also been reported all over campus. Ford Island – BEQ 51 – Witnesses have heard footsteps, the galley doors open and shut by themselves(these doors are locked at night), they have felt cold drafts of air in the same location, also, a figure walking from the mess decks wearing dungarees and a white hat has been seen. He was told that her ghost appears to greet new security guards. Pupukea Heiau – Many people report hearing the sounds of ancient conch shells blowing, sightings of night marchers or ancient Hawaiian images walking through the temple. Chains clank all around and you can hear footsteps behind you like someone is watching over you. Clayton Valley High School. There have been numerous sightings of a woman searching for her child, hearing the sound of a stage coach and the snorting and breathing of horses, and a rumor that a woman was killed by a truck driver and she appears in the passenger seat of the truck, screams and then vanishes. Many employees have asked who the lady is weeding in the crematory, when their supervisors are approached with this question they simply state.

List Of Reportedly Haunted Locations In Canada

Muffle the noise in the room, in my ears, in my head. Full of seafood ramyeon, Soo-jin headed back to her dorm alone. It was early evening, but she already felt drowsy from all the hard work recording that day. She was walking up the middle of a deserted staircase (the lift was broken once again!) when she heard the sound of fast footsteps approaching. Sunhi, Chia and Haeyung hurried over, hearing her voice. If you are, high five, no – high ten! I’m home. Following the sound of footsteps, a welcoming voice said. Even after being lectured by Yunyun, I continued to lift Kuro up high. The monster circled in the air, slowly descending before us. My friend told me about something that happened to her when she was younger, about 8 or 9. Said the head was sitting upright on the passenger seat next to the body. You have an insanely high bar for that scary. When I was about seventeen I had gone out back to take some trash out and heard a noise in my backyard that spooked me so I ran inside.

I could hear the footsteps of doctors running to my room. Konaha high school. She turned her head around, a triumphant smile on her face. I withdrew my lightsaber, but kept it to hand as I could now hear footsteps approaching. I heard the sound of footsteps entering the room so I turned around and said Hey! Finally, from high above the foothills, we begin to come down. DISSOLVE TO THE GATES OF KRAAN A frightened Kraanian councillor spurs his horse forward through the beautiful glass gates, as in the distance we hear the sound of ten thousand approaching footsteps. As he holds his ringing ears, she gets up, lifts him above her head, and hurls him mercilessly to the ground. We begin to hear the sound of approaching engines. Simon had received an invitation to his high school reunion and when Blair had realized that it was in the same area as the kayaking trip, he took Simon aside and explained his plan. She headed toward town, her breath coming in strangled sobs of fear. He ran from the elevator to his room and opened the door. The sentinel could hear the sound of footsteps as someone walked into the other room and toward the interconnecting door. Here she often talked with her son about his father, and said that he was called geus, and that he was a great king, and ruled over Attica, and dwelt at Athens, which was as famous a city as any in the world. That task being accomplished, you are to put on his sandals, in order to follow in your father’s footsteps, and to gird on his sword, so that you may fight giants and dragons, as King geus did in his youth. In his cavern he had a bed, on which, with great pretense of hospitality, he invited his guests to lie down; but, if they happened to be shorter than the bed, this wicked villain stretched them out by main force; or, if they were too tall, he lopped off their heads or feet, and laughed at what he had done, as an excellent joke. It sounded like someone was trying to knock it off the hinges. Twentynine Palms is located in the desolate high desert east of LA. It was pitch dark, only lit by the light in the elevator, it looked like it hasn’t been occupied for decades, with some random pieces of furniture covered with white cloth or similar. She would have episodes where she said her head hurt and it was hard to breathe(took her to the doc, nothing was wrong) She was also deathly afraid of fire, even if it was on tv or in a picture. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching the person in person, you can leave a note (possibly funny but lose the sarcasm) letting them know that you can hear their music playing or sex-making or whatever. You can remind him or her if your lease has a noise clause too, which grants you the right to quiet. I was once the noisy neighbor because the floors in my apartment weren’t insulated and the guy below could hear my footsteps, which apparently sounded like an elephant. Many gamers choose to disable the volume just to avoid hearing that sound again.