Ear Ringing for 4 Days After Club

Ear Ringing for 4 Days After Club 1

Last night i went to a rock club and for 4 hours straight me and my friends were stood by the speaker (i wanted to move but they wanted to be there). When we left the club, my ears were ringing so loud it was like alarms going off in my head. At first it’ll go after a few days but after lots of exposure it’ll begin to stay. Couldn’t hear anything for about 4 days after. Ah, the good old days. I often get ringing sounds in my ears after clubbing. It usually goes away after about 12 hours, so I just deal with it and take it as part of the hangover. Ringing in the ears is typical after being in a loud environment. it will go away. I remember being front and center at a Velvet Revolver concert and the ringing lasted for nearly a week.

Ear Ringing for 4 Days After Club 2Was at the club last night and accidentally went too close to the speakers. 4. Its really really annoying. Just a lesson for all you folks – take care of your ears! You can’t have it that loud every day and not have worse hearing,. It’s usual to have ringing ears for some hours after being exposed to loud noises, but I have never had the ringing continue for more than that. Well, this time, the ringing has lasted for several days. Is this a problem I should be worried about?. It’s no wonder that tinnitus is also referred to as the club disease. Earlier this week campaign group Action on Hearing Loss published new research which found that two thirds of people are left with ringing in their ears after a night out clubbing or listening to live music. I thought nothing of clubbing three times a week and for five summers on the trot headed to the party island of Ibiza for two weeks of hedonistic dancing until the sun came up.

How to Make Ears Stop Ringing After a Concert. Step 4. Snap your index fingers firmly off the middle fingers and onto the base of your skull. Depending on how severe the condition is, this activity should be repeated several times a day for lasting results for relieving tinnitus. I have had tinnitus for 6 weeks 5 days now, and three doctors have told me it will go one hundred percent. I started having Tinnitus after a flight I took with an ear infection. Ray15986 john45611 over a year ago John be carefull, i thought i had almost healed and my dumb ass went to a club and guess what, it messed me uo again and got it worse than the first time, so i wouldnt recomennd to anybody to go to a club if it was noise induced, trust me, im living proof and im struggling again. I have only had mine for a week and doctor can’t guarantee if this will ever disappear. More Answers Below. Why do ears ring and have limited hearing for a day or two after going to a rock concert?

How To Make Ears Stop Ringing After A Concert

I have been experiencing an echo like sound in my left ear for about 4mths 3Truth be told I’m getting a bit nervous after 3 days. In my 30 years of attending concerts, the only time my ears truly hurt was during The Who’s Quadrophenia concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim (then known as the Arrowhead Pond) way back in 1996. I had ear ringing 3-4 days after Stones in Helsinkin 2007. Haha I’ve had my ears ring for just over two days, after going to a certain rock bar and the music is insanley loud! It’ll fade, no worries. My right ear was ringing for most of a week, which was very irritating. Hearing loss after seeing one concert, 2 days later no better – any hope? While many people accumulate hearing loss and tinnitus over a long period of loud gigs, it is indeed possible to do permanent damage in one event. Ear ringing after rock concert Off-Topic Discussion. I’ve personally had the ringing for a week until it went away. If you end up going to any more shows, pick up some cheap ear plugs ideally 30 db reduction. I am a bit worried because I have suddenly got ringing in my ears for the last week and usually I only get this after too loud nightclubs. Be careful, it you want to go to loud clubs all the time then get some quality ear plugs, not the 3 quid ones from boots!! remember, once you have it it does not go away. As the post before my last one says, he got depressed after a week. imagine that constant ringing never going away. When I left the club at around 4:30am, I realized my ears were ringing extremely LOUD! He said I should worry if the ringing persisted after 2 to 3 weeks! The real reason this happened to me was because I was using my head phones 3 times a day, 5 days a week!

How To Make Ears Stop Ringing After A Concert

I’ve noticed that after leaving the club my ears ring very loud and I go temporarily deaf. Mine usually went by the next day- so get home – ears ringing – go to sleep, wake up 13 hours later – ears not ringing. About two-thirds of people are left with ringing in their ears after a night out at a club, gig or pub, a poll suggests. Action on Hearing Loss warned that one in 10 people across the UK is affected by tinnitus every day, ranging from a light buzzing to a constant roar in the ears and head. I’ve had ringing in my ears last days after some shows. I finally wised up and started wearing earplugs, and you should too. I damaged my left ear permanently at one very loud concert in 1983. I didn’t wise up immediately, but I always use earplugs now. Yep, I also have had my fair share of ear ringing the next day after a loud gig. You’ll be back to normal in no time, if not already.

Here he tackles tinnitus and unexplained chest pain. I have it in both ears, 24 hours a day and it is getting worse. Two nights ago, I went to a loud rock concert. I can’t say the problem really lessened after the first few days, but after a few months I didn’t find it nearly the problem I found it the first week or two. Now if a week later you’re still hearing bad I’d see someone. Ive gone to many concerts that had my ears ringing for a few days afterwards. For the first few days following the concert, I noticed the ringing specifically in my left ear (the side that the group of screaming girls were standing on). Do you have any explanation for why I started noticing the additional ring in my right ear days after the concert when it was my left hear that was originally really bothering me? Is this an indicator of permanent tinnitus? 4. Is this an indicator of permanent tinnitus? 4. Why do you think the ringing seems to be less prominent right when I wake up and more so throughout the day? 5.